What about privacy, security, and confidentiality?

Groupsite.com servers are hosted in a state-of-the art, Tier 1 datacenter under 24 hour surveillance. Each Groupsite.com account is password-protected. Groupsites can be upgraded to include 128-bit SSL encryption from within the Manager / Account Settings area of your Groupsite.

We invite you to view our Privacy Policy.

What are the system requirements to use Groupsites?

Groupsites are hosted in our own secure datacenter. Therefore there is nothing to install and no server equipment to worry about. To use Groupsites, all you need is a web browser with JavaScript enabled and an Internet connection. Groupsite.com officially supports popular web browsers including: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+ (for PC), Firefox (for Mac, PC, and Linux), and Safari (for Mac). Groupsite.com does not work with Internet Explorer 5.x. If you are currently using IE 5.x, we recommend upgrading to IE 6+ or switching to Firefox.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my features later?

Yes. From within your Groupsites' Manager section, we provide a simple way for you to add premium features to your Groupsite at your leisure on an 'a la carte' basis. We understand that no two groups are alike, therefore we don't offer plans. You can cancel and remove any premium feature at anytime.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. We give you the option of selecting sub-domain or your own custom domain name. A sub-domain looks something like: http://yourgroupname.groupsite.com, and is free of charge. Using your own fully custom domain name is available as a premium upgrade as part of the Domain Name & Statistics package.

Will my Groupsite look like my company's identity?

You can customize your Groupsite with your company's name, colors, and URL of your choice. As a premium option, you can upload your own custom header that incorporates your organizations branding and edit the stylesheet of your Groupsite.

Can I get my data out if I want to discontinue using my Groupsite?

Yes, you can easily export the data on your group out of the system at anytime from within your Groupsite's Manager area. Data can be exported in XML and CSV formats.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Groupsites are FREE to setup and all premium features are billed on a month-to-month basis and charged to a credit card. Therefore, you can cancel any premium features or delete your Groupsite at anytime from the Manager area within your Groupsite. However, Groupsite Pro customers are required to sign contracts. In this case, account payments may be made quarterly, semi-annually, or annually by check or credit card.

Can we run a Groupsite on our own servers?

Groupsites are a web-based, hosted platform. The service is not available for purchase to install on your own servers.

Do I need an IT department to manage the system?

No. Group managers can do the simple set-up in a matter of minutes. After which your site can be accessed through any computer anywhere in the world using a standard web browser and an Internet connection. Which means that your members have real-time 24/7 access to each other, and you have 24/7 access to your members, all in a safe, secure, web-based environment.

There is nothing to install and you do not need an IT department to manage the service.

Is there any training required to learn how to use the Groupsite service?

Groupsites are designed to be easy to learn and can be used immediately. The service was built to be extremely intuitive and user friendly. We offer email support to managers and users of FREE Groupsites and usually respond within 24 hours.

Is there any training available to learn how to use the Groupsite service?

While training is not required, training is included for Groupsite Pro Account holders. Group members can also access a free online tutorial by visiting our home page and clicking the Tour button located at the bottom of all Introducing Groupsites sub-sections. Questions may also be submitted to: support(at)groupsite.com.

How quickly can my group be up and running?

With a Groupsite, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. It all starts by creating a FREE Groupsite. After creating a FREE Groupsite, from within your Groupsite's Manager area, at anytime you can add premium features or contact us about an Groupsite Pro Account.

What is the job of a Groupsite manager?

The creator of the Groupsite is automatically the group's initial manager. Once the Groupsite has been created, Manager controls can be assigned to other group members. Group Managers may customize the Groupsite, set group permissions, invite and manage group members, upgrade to any premium feature, and more. These tasks may be competed very quickly and easily from within the Manager area (visible only to group managers) of the Groupsite.

What if I belong to multiple groups that all use the Grouspite.com service?

Creating or joining additional groups will enable you to realize the true power of Groupsite.com. Enjoy the benefits of 'View all Mode' by rolling-up multiple group calendars, discussions, member profiles and more into a single powerful view. From 'View All Mode' you can also search across all of your groups to locate group members by their interests, objectives or connections. Additionally, you can locate discussions, files, or calendar dates by performing cross group searches.

Once a member belongs to more than one group, the Group Selector (dropdown menu) in the upper right hand corner of every page will list all of their groups. From the dropdown menu, the member may view the information from each group individually or collectively in the View All mode by clicking on their Groupsite Network link.

Members belonging to multiple groups utilizing the Groupsite service will have their V-Card and bio information stored in connection with their email address(s) and displayed the same across all of their groups. However, Top Current Objectives and Key Connections are group specific. Therefore, members may share the same information across all of their groups or input group specific information.

How scaleable are Groupsites?

The Groupsite platform has been architected for redundancy and almost limitless scalability. Groupsite.com has capacity to take on your additional user and data requirements. We add additional servers when necessary to ensure a quality user experience or to maintain service level agreements associated with large Groupsite Pro accounts.

How do I sign up for a Groupsite?

You are prompted to create your Groupsite user account the first time you create or join a Groupsite. Once you have an account, you may use it to create or join additional Groupsites. New Groupsite may be started from www.groupsite.com or by clicking the 'Create your own Groupsite' link located in the top left header of any Groupsite. You may also join groups by visiting www.Groupsites.com — our directory of public Groupsites.

Will my group automatically be included in the Groupsites.com directory?

No. The Groupsites Directory (www.Groupsites.com) only includes public groups where membership is set to 'Anyone Can Join' or 'By Approved Request' are included in the Directory. At anytime, Groupsite managers can exclude their Groupsite from appearing in the directory from within the Manager/Group Settings/Group Information sub section. Private Groupsites where membership is set to 'by invitation only' are never included in the Groupsites Directory.